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nilknocnad 01-27-2009 03:09 PM

ipod integration
Hey guys, I'm a noobie here and just purchased my first Wrangler. It's a 2009 Black Wrangler Sahara. I have the RES stereo head unit which contains an auxiliary plug for mp3 players. It's a nice feature but I'm not crazy about the sound. I looked into having iPod integration, which would allow me to have a direct connection from my stereo to my iPod and will display song information on the LED display. The few places I called said that they can't do it because the car is too new. Does anybody know where I can find an iPod integration kit for my Wrangler which will walk me through the process? thanks

jk'n 01-28-2009 11:51 AM

My first 08 Wrangler Unlimited had the normal radio (no upgrade). The sound from my ipod when turned up was not too good. Some popping especially on low frequency sounds like a base drum. When I turned the ipod down this problem seemed to be diminished. This sound problem appeared on the satellite radio too. I did see a post somewhere that indicated that there was some kind of firmware upgrade that the dealership could do that would minimize the problem. There is evidently some kind of mismatch between the satellite radio and the amp. This seems to agree with what I was hearing out of the speakers. I'm a master electronics technician registered with the state in radio and television so my ears are pretty in tuned to things like this. On my new 08 Sahara Unlimited Rubicon, I got the upgraded system with upgraded speakers. The radio also plays DVD movies. My ipod plays much better on the aux port. Still no info on the display but the sound is pretty normal. The best part of the upgraded radio is that it comes with a Hard Drive for ripping songs from CDs or MP3 recorded CDs. I've done very little experimenting with this yet but am looking forward to it when time permits. Hope you find your solution. You will hopefully post back here when you find something. And BTW, welcome to the forum.

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