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matsonian 08-06-2013 04:41 PM

TJ/LJ Solid Chromoly Track Bar Upgrade Kit
We've built Metalcloak on one very important principle... we LISTEN to our customers.

Some time ago, on this thread, the discussion was focused on the frame-end of the Track Bar and the recommended need for a Safety Washer.

We paid attention to the discussion and put our engineers on it.

The result... a full and complete safety system for the frame end of our TJ/LJ Solid Chromoly Track Bar...
ll track bars shipping now will come with this upgrade.

But, what about the hundreds of customers who already purchased their trackbar with the original spacers (including Imped)?

We've got you covered...

We put together kits for all our past customers.

Whether you purchased a single track bar or a complete suspension system, you will be receiving this kit over the next couple weeks.

We have great confidence in the current configuration, but wanted to do what we always strive to do... take that extra step to make our products even better.

If you purchased your products through an Authorized Installer, the shop will have your kits within the next week.

aw12345 08-06-2013 05:34 PM

Very nice, but it doesn't address the problem of the thru bolt working loose.
Same problem occurs with the currie trackbar. wouldn't it be an upgrade to use a tru bolt with a taper like the OEM tierod stud? That way the bolt has a better change of staying tight. Or add a bracket to the kit that allows the bolt to be mounted in double sheer.
The latter would be the better solution, would help to keep the OEM bracket from being ripped of the frame also

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