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Onalaskawrangler 08-13-2013 08:11 PM

95 Wrangler 2.5 w/AC

My 95 Wrangler YJ 2.5 with AC has an issue of wanting to run hot.

It was overheating when I got it and I found that the water was like mud.
I flushed the system with top hose of and could not get any water to come out.
Removed bad thermostat and flushed, I then installed a new Failsafe 160 stat and this was much better but I found that the top seal around the radiator was leaking so I replaced the radiator.

Now I have a new radiator, stat and flushed system but still getting hot. Today I started the jeep and right from startup the water flow in the radiator was full flow.

I will replace this stat because if open when starting it must be stuck open.
Could the 160 stat allow to much flow and cause the engine to over heat with AC on.

And would it be better to put in a 190 degree stat ? and what was stock

1st87yj 08-13-2013 08:35 PM

Honestly I have no clue. Someone will chime in. But hay! Are u in onalaska WI?

Onalaskawrangler 08-13-2013 08:40 PM

Onalaska Texas

DILLIGAF 08-13-2013 09:04 PM

The selected temperature of the thermostat like 190 is the temp the thermostat is going to open at. if you are running hot with a 160 then either you have a bad (new) thermostat, weak water pump, maybe obstructed passages for the cooling system, I have seen some passages with excessive amounts of sealant around freeze plugs, and head gaskets, that have caused overheating.

try a new t-stat first and a good clean n flush first. good luck

Mowrangler 08-14-2013 06:42 AM

Did you replace the radiator cap ? Cooling system needs to hold pressure to function properly.

87 Florida YJ 08-14-2013 07:04 AM

I would get back to basics starting with a 190* stat which is what is called for on your jeep. Many of the new ones have a 'burping hole' in the edge (or you can drill one) that should be installed with the hole at the 12 o'clock position. Finally, use a paper gasket and not that blue RTV silicon which can smeared inside the stat by mistake and gum up the way it opens and closes. That's a rookie mistake I made once. :banghead: From your description I bet it's a bad or sticking stat.

Mowrangler 08-14-2013 08:10 PM

You need to have the proper thermostat for the computer to go into CLOSED LOOP.
NEVER use blue silicone on anything. And just dont bother to check the rad cap just buck up and pay the $6 or$8 bucks to replace the one you have.I had an overheat issue , pressure tested the systen ond inspected it. All I replaced was the rad cap problem solved.

Hockeygeek21 08-15-2013 05:15 AM

My advise is get the thermostat gasket from Napa, they have one with adhesive on one side you just stick it to the head and don't have to worry about lining all the holes up.

Onalaskawrangler 08-24-2013 07:23 PM

All done I think
I have checked and found that the "failsafe" thermostat has been tripped and was stuck open.
Step by step:
1-Found radiator to be filled with what looked like muddy water.
2-Flushed out system and then installed new thermostat (160) temp
The Wrangler was looking good but then I found the top of the radiator was leaking and caused it to over heat.
3-replaced with new 2core aluminum radiator. and new 16lb cap. But Wrangler running hot after running.
4-open radiator for cold start and found water flow full from startup, this told me that the radiator was stuck open.

5-Replaced (160) with stock (195) thermostat today and now no flow at startup. Running at a solid temp of 205/210 and no fluctuation.

I think I'm done.

Does the solid temp 205/210 sound correct ?

btrapp79 08-30-2013 06:54 PM

205/210 is a good approximate temp. for a 195 thermostat. Thermostats do not actually completely open at the temp. that they are listed with, they only start to open at that temperature. A 195 thermostat is only completely open at about 206, and closes at 188 to try and maintain a middle of the road 195. I have had this problem with my YJ myself and have experimented with both 160 and 195 thermostats. The 160 usually ran about 195, while the 195 usually runs about 210.

The other thing to remember is that the 2.5 usually runs hot anyway, but this shouldn't be an issue now.

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