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socal-jk 08-15-2013 03:59 PM

Washington Jeeper
My wife and I may be looking to relocate. Washington is on our list of strong possibilities. I have been to Seattle many times, and my Grandfather lived in Sequim and we love it up there. California is a isht hole and getting worse everyday. Our newest thing is early release of 10K inmates due to over crowding, your gender confused 15 yearold boy can now use the girls bathroom at school, but my 10/22 is soon to be classified as an assault weapon..... between all this, handouts, sanctuary for illegals, high taxes, were done. Can't see ourselves living here for the next 30 years, or beyond the next year. Don't worry I won't bring any stereotypical California baggage with us. :hide:

I am a BMW tech by trade so I'm thinking Seattle/Bellevue area. My wife is a respiratory therapist (job market in Socal is over saturated) so she is in the medical field. We are in our early 30's, have no kids or plans to. Basic interests are the outdoors, Jeep, shooting, Xbox. I know there are awesome places to camp and wheel.

I've never actually been to Bellevue. Is it similar to Seattle in costs of living?

Also how are the states gun laws? California is about the worst it can get, communist China is probably a step up.

Political leanings? I know Seattle is a liberal area, I just don't want to move to a state that in 20 years will be like the one I left. Here the 49 square miles of the bay area, and Los Angeles control the rest of the state which has caused us lots of issues.

Whats this I hear of a giant dormant volcano ready to go? Is it just like "The Big One" for earthquakes in California as I'm guessing? :D

Thanks all!

nwbronco 08-15-2013 04:34 PM

Political scenes are for downtown and then the Olympia campus. We have lived in Olympia over 20 years, maybe 3 or 4 politicians have made to our door. Seattle is the old town. Bellevue is the new town. They are close in size. Split by Lake Washington.

Medical jobs are here. Plenty of hospitals, all networked up and down from Seattle to Portland, OR.

BMW has a shop in Bellevue and Fife to the south.

I few kids (20 somethings) that live around us sport their open carries like they think this is the wild wild west. Not rally a concern for me. Plenty of military in the area. Heck, that's how I ended up here.

Volcano 'lahar' /mud flows are a concern in the foothills. Sunamis nn the coast. Still have Japanese stuff still hitting the shores.

Great wheelin' camping' and BSing. A little more damp then most locales.

Bob K.

majorspankings 08-15-2013 08:02 PM

I live in port townsend a 25 minute drive from sequim move to sequim with all the really o'l geezers ur wife would do really good at her job :) that way u can go jeepin :) if u have a chance live out on the olympic pen, Seattle area is growing to fast and so is the bs with it. maybe with ur skills in the automotive buisness u start ur own and under cut the cutthroats that are charging way to much . you folks would love it up here i deliver mail in port ludlow and i have a lot of people just like yourselves moving up from cali. all tired of the social agenda of liberals, still sumwhat a safehaven here ,heey if it gets too bad head for the hills in ur jeep :) good luck to yah

a gun totin patriot ,ill earn it instead havin it givin to me kind of guy


socal-jk 08-16-2013 10:42 AM

Port Townsend is awesome. I've been there a couple times its beautiful. The penninsula is pretty damn cool.

As far as opening a shop, i could but ive been entrenched with Bmw for the better part of 15 years so I know them like the back of my hand. Not sure how many are floating around out that way. Thats the issue. I can get a job instantly at any dealer. Problem is they are all close to major metropolitan areas. I can work on anything with wheels though that's not an issue. It would be a large adjustment.

Sandaholic 08-16-2013 02:15 PM

Use should check out the dry side (east) of the state. Spokane has a BMW dealership. And the cost of living over here beats the west side easily. And plenty of medical field job oppurtunities here as well. My girl is a Nurse at Sacred Heart (Providence).

A guy would be forgiven for labeling WA as: east/conservative and west/liberal. But I know too many people on the west side that are nothing of the sort. I do however believe they are quite outnumbered.......

The dry side basically has everything but the ocean nearby and it snows over here as well. Tons of sunshine!

As far as a major metropolitan area.......the people that have lived here forever seem to think it is, but to me it's an overgrown small town.

Look into it.

socal-jk 08-16-2013 03:16 PM

Ok Cool I will. Thanks!

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