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OffRDer 02-05-2009 10:32 PM

Switch Help?
Ok I want to install a couple of Contura 2 switches, SOFT PLASTIC W/ 2 RED LENSES BLACK CONTURA II ACTUATOR ACTUATOR BLACK SOFT CARLING CONTURA ROCKER SWITCH SWITCHES* - Waytek Wire I am going to be using this switch cover. NOW I want the small red slit on the bottom of the switch to light of when I turn on my parking lights, and the red square light to light up when I turn on the switch... My question is what type of switch do I need? SPST,DPST,DPDT? I'm only looking for a single throw switch just a simple ON/OFF function switch, but Im not sure how i'll be able to wire these switches. Also looking on that site at switch bodys, only the DPDT switch comes with 2 lights, now i'm bmw mechanic, so i deal with wiring all day, but im not familiar with these switches....any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

otrattw 02-06-2009 04:34 PM


The direct Carling Tech part number would be V1DAJ66B-00000-000 or you need a 10 pin switch with independently wired lights so you can wire the lights as you want them. That would probably be a V1D2U66B-00000-000.

The fourth letter or number in the code designates whether the switch has plastic barriers between the terminals. A letter means there is a plastic barrier, a number means there is no barrier.

For reference, ARB uses the same V1DAJ66B switch in there equipment.

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