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louczar 08-18-2013 11:25 AM

Inner shift boot replacement
The replacement inner shift boot arrived yesterday. Got up and started taking the front console out this morning before church. What were the jeep engineers thinking when they designed the mounting of this boot:rolleyes:? Not too big of a deal. I will seal the boot to the cover plate too. I may even use silicon between the cover plate on body when I put it back in too. Might as well since I have it all apart.

ReconJack 08-18-2013 04:37 PM

I've had my center console out for a few months now, got my 05 Line X'd and, due to my transfer case drop, I had to cut away some of the plastic and metal around the floor panel and console so the shifter wouldn't rub in the lower gears. So, I have a plumb of hot air coming in all the time, and yes that damn rubber boot was half turned into muck and road grime from the heat and abuse. I think I'll have the old lady turn a set of my old camo pants into a new shifter boot, stuff some hard rubber over the opening and a rag, and hope for the best. We'll see.

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