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jeepthing07 02-08-2009 06:47 PM

1997 Wrangler Sport trouble starting
I have owned the jeep for close to two years and the whole time it has had a problem starting. The battery is new and the starter is fine as well. You turn the key and the car trys to start but it never does the first time. Most of the time it starts on the second or third time. Any ideas would be welcome because i have had it looked at and no one can figure out what the problem is.

Jiffydarren 02-09-2009 03:13 AM

The engine needs to burn fuel to start. Burning requires 3 elements: Spark, Fuel, Air. Check each one before flippin' out. It could be that you have a bad fuel pump, your fuel pump fuse is busted, you could have bad ignition parts (cap, rotor, wires, plugs, etc...) or she might not be gettin' enough air. Check your intake system.

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