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gbendezu 08-21-2013 10:59 PM

transmission sound.... hmm
hey guys so this is my very first ever jeep, and as my sig says its a 99 4.0 manual trans. when I first bought the jeep and test drove it I noticed the tranny sounded kind of harsh making a grumpy grinding noise kinda when I lifted my foot off the gas while still moving in gear. now Ive had this jeep for almost a year now driven it 5000 miles, and from ct-va and then to tn. no problems *knock on wood* I know its kind of a late thing to ask and I think it might be fine, but is that a normal thing for tjs? like does the tranny or diffs have a rough loud sound? my manager at the body shop back in ct drove in it with me and didn't say anything regarding the tranny except that it shifted smooth which it does. it has 110k on it, I don't think clutch has ever been changed and not sure about diff oil/ tranny oil. i'll be doing the latter two soon and clutch hopefully this winter break if I can afford the 600 bucks. anyways, if you guys could either post a video or a sound clip with what its supposed to sound, i'll try to get one tomorrow aswell and post and let you guys know. I just don't want to keep driving it if it's got metal filings inside screwing more things up

jeepwayoflife 08-21-2013 11:09 PM

If you are talking about the ball bearings in a washing machine sound when you first take off, thats normal. These transmissions are quite loud and some rattling within reason is normal. At that milage I would change the transmission fluid just as maintenance in case the Previous owner never changed it. Look for any metal shavings when you do.

I would also check the transmission mount where it connects to the Transfer case skid. They can break down and cause rattling and increased vibrations to be felt in the cab.

Why are you planning on replacing the clutch? Is it slipping? I've heard clutches get to 200K without needing to be replaced on jeeps. Also, you shouldn't have to pay $600 for it to be replaced... Its like $150 in parts if that.

gbendezu 08-22-2013 12:13 AM

I was talking about when you cruise while in gear. and yea I wanna change the fluids, it's just like I said I just moved to tn and im starting college soon. ive been trying to sell some stuff on cl but it aint picking up too well. and the clutch thing is cause I come from tuners so I used to change my clutch at 100k most. but It does shift nicely still, no slipping or anything, nice and tight feel to it. and if they can last till 200k then great! i'll post the video tomorrow

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