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Adam_Esq 02-09-2009 02:13 PM

Soft Top Question
Hi all -

I am a relative newbie, I bought a 98 Sahara this fall. It has the dual top package. I have figured out all of the basics of raising, lowering, etc. When winter came, I wanted to put the hard top on, and take the soft top off. First, I couldn't get the top off because one of the plastic connectors on the bow bars had failed - the brass receptacle inside the connector had come loose from the plastic, making it impossible to remove the bolt because it just spun inside the plastic. I finally got the bolt out, took the remaining bolts out, and was again stymied by the fact that the connectors would not release from the mounting brackets on the roll bar. After an hour of pulling, twisting, prying, etc., I gave up, and simply removed the screws the held the bow bars to the plastic connectors. So now I have four connectors dangling off of the roll bar, but the soft top is off and stored away in my garage for the winter.

Now spring is coming and thoughts of removing the hard top are dancing in my head. Which reminds me, I still need to figure out these bow bar connectors. How do I get them off? Am I missing some simple step that neither the owners manual nor any online forum I can find addresses? What am I doing wrong? As a secondary question, has anyone purchased the "quick disconnect kit" (Pro Grade SOFT TOP DISCONNECT KIT : JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Accessories) for the soft top?


Neil F. 02-09-2009 02:55 PM

Yes you can use disconnects like that. You can get them cheaper on ebay. The stock disconnects are just plastic. You should be able to cut them apart and get some vise grips to hold the insert.

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