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BTroll 08-24-2013 11:42 PM

Anyone between Jupiter and Stuart, FL or that general area?
Recently picked up my first Jeep and wondering if anyone else in the area is on the forum. Lots of Jeeps down here but I don't know anyone locally so hoping to find some people on here.

I picked up a '97 4.0L 5-speed that was a good deal with just some minor fix-ups needed and thats really what I've been focusing on the past month, moving slow but steady with it.
If anyone else is around then speak up!

I realized I don't have many pics of the Jeep online yet but here are a couple that show my other cars too...

This was day 1, top has been replaced with a Quadratop tinted top

Part of the reason I got the Jeep, my daily blew up and the built motor has taken a lot longer than originally planned so its been on jack stands in the garage for a while now

Having fun with this thing in all kinds of different ways (i got poured on after these photos were taken) :)

Sandblaster 08-25-2013 09:18 PM

Hey I'm in Port St Lucie. A little north of Stuart but still close. Congrats on the new jeep. It's always good to meet new jeep owners.

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