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vmaxaholic 08-25-2013 09:51 PM

Alternator plug problems
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Hi, everybody! I'm a newbee here, and I just bought my first Wrangler. It's a 93 YJ with the 4.0, 5 sp, and 99k. I bought it knowing that it needed an alternator and battery. I thought, ok no sweat. I've done many of these in my time. But my problem is with the alternator plug. The two large (maybe 6 gauge) wires came off easy enough, but the other two flat spades that are coming out of the black plastic box are giving me the issue. The hardware that connects them to the alternator is completely rusted. To the point that you can't even tell if there's a nut on a threaded stud or what. It looks like two small posts of solid rust. My question is how would any of you resolve this? I definitely don't want to butcher the copper spades, but I feel like I might have to just to be able to remove the alternator. I'm gonna try to attach a pic, but not sure if my laptop will let me. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Majnoon 08-25-2013 10:00 PM

I would drill the bolts outa the alternator. Even if you damaged the spades they will still conduct. Maybe even take channel locks and use a roll/pry action to try and break/pull the bolts Out. Also there is a dedicated YJ thread. They may know more this is the TJ one.

vmaxaholic 08-26-2013 05:03 PM

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Dammit....I thought this WAS the YJ thread... Did I mention, newbee??.. I was also thinking about finding this plug in a junk yard, cutting the wires and cutting this one out. Then just splice in the new used one.. Don't know if all of these rectifiers/regulators are the same...

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