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Bolter303 08-28-2013 08:06 AM

Trail GPS Tracks
Do any of you guys and gals keep GPS tracks of the trails that you ride? I had a Polaris RZR for a long time and now we drive the Jeep more. I always kept a track of the trails I did so that when I would have a good data base of different types of trails. When I would go to an area I would upload the tracks into my gps as a guide to the area. I mostly have trails in the Southern Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona areas. I still get emails from the RZR forums asking for tracks in a certain area. When I get back from a ride I upload the tracks to Google Earth. I have also used Google Earth to trace out a new trail and up load that to the GPS before I go out. It helps make sure I stay out of the Wilderness Areas and such. Just thought I would throw that out there.

randco 09-05-2013 05:29 PM

We are new owners of a Jeep but we have been using GPS'rs for about 3 years. We are geocachers and love to walk the trails. And now having a Jeep we can drive the forest roads in our search for caches. Having "tracks" is important when hiking in the woods.

I agree with you. Google Earth is a great tool and a great way to mark waypoints.

We have three Garmin's. A 1450LMT for the car, a GPSMAP 60CSx handheld and a eTrex10 handheld. I use Garmin's Mapsource and I load topo maps into it. It works great for geocaching so it should work for Jeep Geocaching.

Happy trails to you.

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