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mbaseel 08-28-2013 08:38 PM

93 4cyl just dies
So I have been fighting a rough idle and timing being at 15 degrees btdc. All of a sudden driving Monday I was at 3k rpm and it just shut off. No sputtering just went from 3k rpm to 0. It would not re start until I turned the key all the way off and then cranked it and it fired right up. Today I was on my way home from work and it died 5 times in 3 miles. All the same situation no sputtering no warning just dies. 2 times I was sitting at a light at idle and 3 times under power between 2k and 3k rpm. It just sits and cranks unless you turn the key all the way off like you are going to take it out and then crank it again and it will star right up.

Any suggestions?

I am cleaning grounds and inspecting the crank sensor wire for bare wire that could short if touched on the frame tonight. I have a spare crank sensor that I may just throw in to see if it fixes the problem.

AllMudd 08-28-2013 09:34 PM

Might want to check your Autoshutdown relay in the power distribution box by the battery. Also swap out the ign relay there too. I had a similar problem years ago. I would drive ten-fifteen minutes and hit a bump and same issue. Then I would drive 30-40 mins and no issue. Stop at a red light and start to go, hit a bump and then same issue.

mbaseel 08-28-2013 10:09 PM

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Hopefully I found the problem. It doesn't look like the header and the CPS wire get along very well.

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