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Americanmade8 02-16-2009 06:11 PM

Snow plow on the jeep. Good idea?
I have a '92 YJ with 4" of lift. Would a snow plow be a good idea or would it just tear the Jeep up?

Any brand of plow you would suggest?:confused:

JCS05Rubi 02-16-2009 06:50 PM

IF you decide to do this anyway, one of those newer plastic type plows is the only way to go.. and the smallest one at that.

Also, make sure you get an external transmission cooler, and a GOOD electric fan with a switch in the cab. You may also want to look into an oil cooler as well. The Jeep grill is pretty high up, but you will still probably have problems with cooling, especially when driving TO the place to plow (when your plow is raised up in front of the grill).

Also, take a really good look at your frame and body mounts. Any signs of corrosion or a weakened section of frame/body mounting areas etc. fix before you decide to plow. Definitely take the time to strengthen and brace those areas, just in case.

With that said, I wouldn't do it. The transmission is going to give you problems down the road(or maybe as soon as you turn on it), and you will more than likely have axle problems as well. Especially with taller tires stressing the drive train. Some people plow small areas with Wranglers, but they are usually beaters that don't do anything anymore other than push some snow. You would be real surprised at how much snow really weighs, and how much stress it puts on a vehicle. I have seen S10 blazers and Ford Explorers with 10,000 miles on them destroy the drive train with people that were being extremely careful when plowing(IE not ramming the snow banks like some guys do). There is a reason most people use 250/2500s, 350/3500s, and bobcats for the tighter areas.

I am sure others will chime in, that is just my opinion, but I wouldn't do it... Wranglers are great for lots of things, but a short wheelbase vehicle that wasn't built for that much abuse.... I think you are just asking for a lot of problems. Spend 400-500 bucks on a beater 3/4 ton and call it a day. I am sure someone is going to end up moving this to General or YJ soon too.

Warpman89 02-16-2009 09:38 PM

jeeps are great for plowing, they can turn on a dime unlike full-size pickups. however, like JCS05rubi said if you have an automatic you are going to cook it. and corrosion will be a big issue. jeep frames are much thinner than full-size trucks so pay attention to how your frame looks after the first season. i knew a guy that bought a brand new rubicon and plowed really heavy for one season and had no paint left on his frame after

be careful

Americanmade8 02-16-2009 09:40 PM

Thanks for the input. This is the reason i ask the question. I don't want to destroy my Jeep, but we are in the pocess of buying 6 acres to put a house on and will have a pretty long driveway. I aint gonna shovel it and this seemed to be a good fix. But it might work out. This sounds like a good reason to buy a quad!!!

birdhunter 02-16-2009 10:29 PM

Quad would be good
or buy a $1500 yj or willys add a small plow
and use just for driveway.

JCS05Rubi 02-17-2009 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by Americanmade8 (Post 326294)
Thanks for the input. This is the reason i ask the question. I don't want to destroy my Jeep, but we are in the pocess of buying 6 acres to put a house on and will have a pretty long driveway. I aint gonna shovel it and this seemed to be a good fix. But it might work out. This sounds like a good reason to buy a quad!!!

Already answered your own question :D Sounds like you need a new fancy quad with a plow :D:punk:

Warpman89 02-17-2009 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by Americanmade8 (Post 326294)
Thanks for the input. This is the reason i ask the question. I don't want to destroy my Jeep, but we are in the pocess of buying 6 acres to put a house on and will have a pretty long driveway. I aint gonna shovel it and this seemed to be a good fix. But it might work out. This sounds like a good reason to buy a quad!!!

Buy a tractor with a bucket loader on the the front, you can't go wrong:punk:

jgano23 03-12-2009 07:28 AM

i wouldn't put a plow on there if you are going to off road with it. i would go with the quad idea. they are very useful, especially w/ 6 acres ;)

jdhallissey 03-12-2009 11:14 AM

umm you have a jeep no need to plow driveway lol

jgano23 03-12-2009 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by jdhallissey (Post 337761)
umm you have a jeep no need to plow driveway lol

good point. the hubby and I don't plow the driveway either.

PecosRiver 11-12-2011 05:29 AM

I know this is an old topic, but I thought I'd post to it anyway.

I bought a plow that plugs into my front receiver and has no hydraulics to add to the vehicle weight. Angling it is done manually as is raising the aluminum plow. I use this exclusively on my property to plow my parking lot.

After 17 years of using my tractor to plow my lot, I finally gave in fully aware of the possible consequences to my Jeep. Since I live in New Mexico, snow is not a huge issue, but it got to the point where the cold on the tractor was just too much for me anymore.

I tend to be a major A** when it comes to my equipment, but no one touches my Jeep with the plow on it. I'm the only one that does any plowing with my equipment, and that includes the tractor. If when plowing, something causes me problems, I will park the Jeep and grab the tractor. I also refuse to plow anyone else's driveways or lots. (Medical emergencies are the only exception I will make.)

gbtb87 11-12-2011 10:31 PM

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Like this
Attachment 77294

draynor 11-25-2011 03:05 PM

Snoway mount kit
Looking for a snoway mount kit for a 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ. Anyone have one?

PecosRiver 11-25-2011 08:17 PM

SnowSport HD Utility Snow Plows | SUV & Pickup Truck Snowplows

Ted_D 11-27-2011 07:54 AM

Get you one of these. They are made here in my hometown. Powered by a 690cc Honda engine

Big Pigg Snowblowers

Big Pigg pickup mount snow blower - YouTube

aje3721 12-12-2011 06:28 PM

I have a 94 YJ 4.0 5 spd with a Western Uni Mount 6 1/2 plow and I have never had an issue with frame fatigue, tranny issues or overheating. With that being said, the potential is ALWAYS there. A Wrangler used to plow is like any other Wrangler; you need to take the plowing into consideration when you build or modify it. For instance, a lot of guys use the air shocks off a T-Bird on the front to compensate for the added weight. You need to consider ballast in the rear if you have anything other than one of those plastic Lowes plows up there. The 'ol YJ springs need to be freshened up but ride height is critical. It will be hard to run nice 33's and 4" of lift and not have A frame angle issues with the plow down. I do my 1/4 mile gravel drive, and a couple more the same as mine and it is very possible. I also have the F250 with a plow and like someone mentioned earlier, they are heavier. The replacement parts for the F250 are more, the plow costs more than a very clean, low mileage YJ and they, like everything, break as well.

Did the tractor with a rear blade pulling forward and unless you are 19 years old, the bones ache after a half hour (remember there is snow and it's COLD). Did the quad and tore up belts like crazy (remember the F250 rational with heavier construction, better to plow) well a good big CC quad again is more that the YJ!

Find a plow made for the YJ, plow slow and don't be an idiot (like I used to plow) and you will be fine. My 94 is a daily driver (and has been for years) and the plow goes to work with me every day during the winter.

bothvictimandvillian 12-17-2011 03:01 PM

I have a 97 Wrangler 2.5l with 4" lift and a meyer plow, and it has been an unstoppable snow machine. even a little 4 cylinder has proved itself not to be lacking. the only real issue with a plow on a lifted jeep is the mounts. A blade needs to sit evenly on the ground and lifted jeeps lift the mount which changes the angle of the A arm. I had some extended mounts made and now it works great. As for the Engine/Tranny holding up well I'm in my second season of personal/professional snow removal here in Colorado and everything holding up fine. The summers still do far more damage than the winter. I also run open diffs which is easier on it when I do spins the chains off pushing a big wall. One thing to remember with plowing is your purposely running your truck into stuff over and over and eventually that will cause problems.

David Schnider 02-09-2012 03:42 PM

snow removal
try the snow removal eastside and see the difference from others

Quixel 11-06-2012 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by bothvictimandvillian (Post 1836053)
I have a 97 Wrangler 2.5l with 4" lift and a meyer plow, the only real issue with a plow on a lifted jeep is the mounts.

I bought my 05 Rubicon with a Fisher SD 6'9" plow with the Minute Mount 2 System. It had been put on when the Jeep was stock height, and previous owner used a wheeled skid to park the plow.
I wanted to put it on the ground, so I cut & lengthened the plow's jack and then adjusted the plow as high as it would go, and added a chain link to each like a charm.
And Fisher's mounts are high on the Jeep's frame, no low pieces hanging down! And it goes on & off in seconds!!

Here's a video that shows how fast...(although the truck is already pulled into the plow & he DOES hookup the plow, just doesn't plug in the electrical (which takes longer than putting the plow on!) LoL

Minute Mount® 2 System Take 1 - YouTube

I HIGHLY recommend this plow!

As far as the Jeep handling it, it is around 480lbs, and I don't have airbags or anything for the front.
I added a deflector for the plow, so snow wasn't flying into the grill, that helped a lot.
Haven't had any trouble with tranny, got about 65K on it now. I try to have momentum to move the snow, not slower & having the trans to stress to get it moved. (Just not TOO's a balance...)

But yeah I have had to replace drive universals already....just more stress on them...

kraiger321 02-24-2013 08:53 PM

Snowplowing with 08' Wrangler Unlimited
I own a 2008 wrangler unlimited and have been snowplowing for two years. I have a heavy duty Blizzard snowplow. It takes me less than five min. to hook it up. I push snow off side roads, med. size parking lots, wet heavy snow and I never beat my jeep up. Other guys have laughed at me when they see my Jeep with the plow, then they stop (with mouths open) when they see me actually plowing. I used to own a full size dodge ram, I can do more lots with my Jeep. The guy I plow for actually pays me more now, I get the lots done faster, usually condos and apts..

Tarby 02-24-2013 09:10 PM

I own 2 yjs (one 93 & one 95) with Sno-Way and the other is a Meyers. Have had both jeeps for over 8 years, bone stock 4 cyl., no lift. No problems at all. Jeeps were designed as utility vehicles. These are used at my business for each parking lot, and that is the only thing they are used for. They are put away for the summer. Not much rust, as I spray them every spring and fall with used motor oil and diesel fuel underneath. Here's the 95, I don't have a pic of the 93 saved, but it is pretty clean also...this is before I hooked the plow up.[IMG][/IMG]

kraiger321 10-19-2013 06:47 AM

I don"t understand why you guys have negative comments about snowplowing with jeeps. I've been plowing for 12 yrs. and never broke my vehicles from snowplowing, it's all about being smart and acting like a normal person when plowing. I have a 08' Wrangler JK and this is my 4 yr. plowing with it. I plow commercially, I plow both big and very small lots with it, i make good money with it and I never "beat"my jeep up with it. It's a daily driver, road trip driver, hunting partner and i do this all with the plow on it at times. Know your limits and the jeeps limits and DON'T BEAT IT UP!!

kraiger321 10-19-2013 06:50 AM

Way to go Tarby! there is a man with brains. keep pushing Tarby!

CTfirefighter 10-19-2013 07:41 AM

its hard to believe theres people who say no to plowing with a jeep
they've been used for plowing for years, long before the bigger pickups became popular ...back in the day they even had options like back-hoes..tow trucks and many different farm implements
there a workhorse that are meant to be used

djwrangler 10-19-2013 07:54 PM

I've been plowing commercially and on the side for over 7 years. I can see a Jeep being good for the fresh fluffy stuff but not for when it gets heavy and packed. They just don't have the weight and momentum.

They would be fine for driveways and small lots if that's all you wanna do.

DANNY-L 10-20-2013 03:22 PM

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I used this 94 tracker for 4 years with no problems plowing mine and some neighbors driveways. We get quite a bit of snow here and it is usually heavy wet stuff. I recently sold it and bought a truck with plow since I sold my other truck and bought my new jk.

ADee1 10-20-2013 07:12 PM

Is the stick is better for plowing? I realize we're talking beaters here but the old 4 speed AT or the WA580? The WA580 is a very strong tranny, and blows the old 4 speed autos they used up until 2011 away.

Before I joined the Navy I worked at a car dealership moving cars around. My boss plowed the lot during a winter storm we had back in NY. It was a Wrangler straight 6 with a 4 speed stick, he fried the clutch in about 10 minutes. I'm pretty sure he was in 4H which was his first mistake. I would think a good automatic in 4L would plow just fine. In pick up trucks the automatic gets a higher tow rating than the stick does, at least the older models do, so I'd think the auto would be just fine. I'm interested in what you guys think.

Than 11-12-2013 01:10 PM

snowbear plow (smallest blade) on my 07 wrangler, no problems with anything. but as far as I know the jk frame is stronger.

OlYellerTJ 11-13-2013 07:46 PM

My PO used a Fisher Homesteader (7' 4" blade) to plow his rural, dirt, hillside driveway.
It didn't seem to hurt the Jeep although the approach angle is a little diminished. OTOH, the plow frame covers the steering box pretty well!

Xplorer 11-19-2013 10:14 AM

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Here's what they look like after many years of plowing. Need to get airbags or something to level it out. Auto trans has been acting up, but can't fault the Jeep for that.

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