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crazyredneck 02-17-2009 11:07 PM

so i have been wanting to do something on more of a custom note to my jeep...

i have never heard of a tj that had/has side pipes. i measured it out and it is doable. from the front body mount to the rear right before the rear tire is just a little over 50".

what i had in my mind was this, from the manifold flanges, make an "X" pipe, then run the exhaust the factory way for the passenger side, but run it out right in front and on top of the control arm. right in front of where they mount.

for the drivers, pretty much the same, curve it right after the "X" pipe and run it the same way, right above the control arm, and right in front of the mount.

my only question is, what are the big cylinderish pieces right after the collectors? are they precats?

i got to thinking, that probably would not work becuase of the emissions crap... instead i might make a "Y" pipe after that cat and run it back to the front for the side pipe.

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