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yjswampthing 08-19-2006 01:31 PM

Need help for brake lights
Okay. Guy stopped me the other day and said my brake lights weren't working. So I checked all the fuses I could see under there and under the hood. None appear to be blown. My turn lights work, hazards work, and regular night time lighting works in the rear. But no brakes. So I took off the switch on the pedal thinking that would be it. Ordered a new one through napa, connected it....still no brake lights. I need help cause I can't get them to come on and there clearly isn't a bad spot in the wires or my turn and running lights wouldn't work. Is the new switch faulty? Help me out, please!

agriesemer 08-19-2006 07:42 PM

I have a 95 blazer which is totally diff. from a jeep but had the exact same problem. I too changed bulbs,and the switch under the peddle and was still not fixed. but on that I guess the brake lights go through the turn signal switch ,wierd huh. but a new turn signal lever/switch fixed it I dont know if this helps, but Im sure someone out there will get some good use out of this info at some point.

hardy1531 08-19-2006 08:03 PM

try the fuses again. I would use a multi-meter to see if you are getting any type of voltage. I have had some that appear fine but are in fact blown, couldn't tell by looking at them.

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