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cajaznodnarb 02-19-2009 09:33 PM

Really need help!!!
I got a 07 wrangler unlimited for xmas this year and it is only 2wd i really want to take it off road. What can I do to it that would make it work sufficiently off road? I can spend about 3000 dollars on it.

skeeter 02-19-2009 09:39 PM

Why would you buy a 2 wheel drive Jeep to go off road?

We would need to know what kind of terrain you want to play in to make suggestions.

chasm 02-19-2009 09:46 PM

It would probably be cheaper in the long run to just trade it in on a 4WD model or sell it and buy a 4WD one. Sorry, but your money will be better spent on one that was made "trail rated" from the factory... you can always build it up from there!

Good Luck!

cajaznodnarb 02-19-2009 09:47 PM

well i asked for a 4wd but parents bought 2wd mostly just simple trails and mud to get to like climbing spots and fishing holes

iamagolfspaz 02-20-2009 09:34 AM

Since it is 2 wheel drive it probably comes with street tires, i would start with some decent all terrain tires.

skeeter 02-20-2009 09:38 AM

I'm not sure what the 2 wheel drives use for a suspension but you'll likely want to beef it up a bit. You can, in many cases, make up with momentum what you lack in traction.
You"ll have to hit obstacles at a higher speed than you would with a normal Jeep.

I would also invest heavily in recovery gear such as winches front and rear.

BeerMonkeY 02-20-2009 05:31 PM

ive wheeld with a few 2wd trucks before, heres what you can do for under 3k. get a lift, any 4wd lift will work withthe 2wd jeep. get a selectable locker for the rear (e-locker, arb) get a winch, get good mud terrain stlye tires, these will help alot, most jeeps dont have lockers so even though they are 4wd power mostly goes to only 2 wheels, if you get a locker you will have 2 wheel drive all the time instead of 1 wheel drive like you have now. you could also make your parents buy you a 4wd one instead

dj_chizzle 02-20-2009 09:17 PM

2WD only??? :doh:

05GT-O.C.D. 02-20-2009 09:25 PM


Good luck

4Jeepn 02-20-2009 09:30 PM

Two solutions to this:

1. Sell it and buy a 4wd version
2. Take the $3000 go on craigslist and buy a older Xj 4wd Cherokee for a 1000 bucks slap a lift kit on for 600 add a front locker and go have fun.

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