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Joe Dirt 02-23-2009 05:13 PM

Son needs a new National Guard unit
My 18 yr old son joined the Army National Guard (Infantry). He just finished training and reported to his unit. I met his NCO's this weekend and I'm sad to say I was not impressed. I spent 3 yrs active and 8 National Guard (all in the infantry). My son's leaders were the fattest, stupidest, most unorganized NCO's I have every met. What the %$# happened???? Did all the quality leaders just ETS? The only guys who even seemed to have a clue were a few Specialists that just joined, fresh off active duty. They seemed as annoyed as I did. I'm actually scared to have my son deploy with these guys. Half look like gang members and the other half look like transients! Most of my old Army buddies are retired now, but I'm trying to find him a better unit. Is anyone in a Guard unit in Southern CA?

alig33 02-23-2009 06:41 PM

sucks .

kg4kpg 02-24-2009 01:40 PM

Wish I knew what to tell you but I'm in a unit that probably looks about the same. A lot of people here who have never been on active duty nor have a concept of the differences. No standards, little morale. And since I'm not related to any of them (I moved here after active duty) they don't care about the training I can provide or any other input. I have another NCO rating me who has never rated anyone before even though I've rated E-5's who worked for me. If it wasn't for my love of country I would have gotten out after I fisrt went guard. So, with that said, I recommend he do the minimum time required (6 months usually) see an active duty recruiter, and get them to release him so he can go full time. New soldiers should never start in the Guard or Reserve in my opinion.

kg4kpg 02-24-2009 01:46 PM

Oh, let me add....My last deployment was with a Guard unit out of Texas. Bunch of rednecks but since most of us in the battalion were fillers (from other commands), we actually pulled together pretty well and had a mostly successful deployment dispite our losses. You put part-timers under the right kind of pressure and they can come around.

Joe Dirt 02-24-2009 09:43 PM

The latest info I now have is that he is going to be shipped off as a filler for an Artillery unit that is going to deploy to Kosovo this summer on a UN mission for a year. I don't know anything about that unit. The Army of One seems to have changed since my day. Hopfully the loosers will keep the tradition of finding a way to stay in the rear with the gear and a good NCO will emerge to train and lead him.

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