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Timberman 02-26-2009 08:33 PM

Speedo gear: Issue semi resolved!!!
Ok, I promised that I would update you guys when I finally put to bed my horrible situation with my Speedo Gear install.. Here is the short Story..

Ok, many of you responded to my first thread regarding my speedo gear install dilemma stating that this is the easiest install on the planet to do to a jeep and you just needed to wiggle the gear to seat it.. To which i responded; "Only I can screw up something so easy this horribly."

Anyway; it wasn't my fault after all.. I want those of you who have a Tera Low SYE kit, to pay very close attention here.

I bought my second $95 39 tooth pinion gears from our friends at Mopar, a New shaft gear from our friends at Tera Flex (who are absolutely killer to deal with), and headed up to my new buddies at 4 wheel parts (who are even better to deal with)..

As some of you may understand; i was a bit "Gun-shy" about spending all this time and money rounding up parts just to screw it up again, so decided to let the professionals to the job..

They replaced both gears and had her ready to go within an hour or so.. Paid the bill, and I was on my way with a freshly calibrated speedo.. For about a mile and a half and the culprit may surprise many of you.

The tera low SYE kit uses Snap rings which hold the internal gear to the shaft.. Where they come together, there is a protrusion or "dog ear" if you will.. Now, since that 39 tooth gear is so much larger than the stock 34 tooth gear, the aforementioned "Dog Ear" basically chewed up yet another $95 39 tooth gear. I was absolutely beside myself, but the guys at 4 wheel parts luckily found a 35 tooth gear and promptly installed it.. Instead of 10 MPH off, I am now 5mph off.. They were actually going to drive to a surplus parts place and search through a bin of gears for me, but luckily found the gear in-house.. It is precisely this kind of service which will earn my business for life!:punk:

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