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penguinexdeus 03-02-2009 04:49 PM

unlimited transfer case
yet another question from a newb...

trying to find out more information on the transfer case of my 06 unlimited (auto btw)...

when i shift into 4H the light on the dash comes on but i don't notice anything feeling different... i figured i'd feel something engage but it goes to smoothly...

does the transfer case engage electronically? does the 4wd dash light sense the position of the shift lever or something internal to the transfer case?

haven't had the wrangler for long and decided to give the 4H a try due to a bit of snow today... haven't tried the 4L yet... just wondering how to be sure i'm in 4wd since i don't notice anything...


Jerry Bransford 03-02-2009 05:03 PM

The engagement is strictly mechanical and the light is controlled by a switch on top of the transfer case itself. You wouldn't notice much if you only shift into 4Hi for a short period of time but you would once you drove further or started making turns which will cause the 4x4 system to start binding up if you're driving on pavement. The 4x4 system used in the Wrangler is only suitable for slippery surfaces like offroad, dirt roads, or roads totally covered in snow or ice. Don't use it on dry pavement or pavement that is only wet from rain, the excessive traction on such surfaces will cause the transfer case to start binding which will make the steering jerky and tires try to slip. This is because when you're in 4x4, the front axle is mechanically locked to the rear axle so they are prevented from turning at the different speeds required when making even minor turns. :)

penguinexdeus 03-02-2009 05:10 PM

the snow on the road this morning was packed down and a bit slippery so i figured i'd throw it in in 4H ... once the road cleared up abit and was just wet i put it back in 2wd... just very surprised at how i couldn't tell the difference between 2 and 4wd...

didn't have any sharp turns to make and was only going around 30 so that may have been why i didn't notice anything also...

BSing 03-02-2009 05:28 PM

just throw it in 4 and make a sharp turn on pavement. You will know if its in 4.

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