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firecapt 09-03-2013 09:25 AM

What's under the console storage compartment?
I have a 13 JKU Rubicon I want to drill a 1/2 hole in the lower part of my console storage compartment. The hole will be located in the bottom, at the back and centered on the back wall. I don't want to drill completely blind, so I am looking advice from those that have looked under the console. I am a firefighter and know from extrication classes that often the air bag module is located in this vicinity. And other components can be as well.

justin-branam 09-03-2013 04:08 PM

Take this with a grain of salt (and I'm also a firefighter, so you know you can't believe half the shit I say anyways, haha), but in my TJ, there was a small subwoofer and amp under there. It was blown, so I removed it. Now there is nothing all the way down to the floor. I plan on enlarging the storage area. But again, I am unsure if the JK is setup the same. I assume you are going to drill the hole to put something in there, so why don't you just remove the storage piece and see what is there. I think it is just a few screws to take them out.

Hopefully someone with a JK can chime in and give you some better info.

firecapt 09-03-2013 06:49 PM

Situation handled. I was going to run a coax. I went a different route. Thanks for the advice though folks!

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