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alaskanaddict 03-02-2009 10:12 PM

BA10 to AX15 swap in a 91YJ 4.0
Hello, I need some help. I just bought a 91YJ that apparently came from the factory with the BA10, output shaft 23 spline to an np231, crazy. The BA10 was removed when I bought it but the mechanic swears that that was the trans the jeep had in it. I have the original bell that looks like it could fit the AX15. I found a really low mi AX15 from a 96 XJ, with the bell, original skid plate with a step in it that has 2 sets of slots. It seems that I may have to cut out more metal to make the newer AX15 and bell fit. The newer bell is almost 2 inches longer than the original. What the hell should I do? I'd like to swap to the external slave set up which is what the newer bell is set up for. Do I look for a hyd line for a YJ or an XJ? Has anyone out there done this swap? Thanks, Bill

4point 03-02-2009 10:23 PM

Welcome alaskan, I moved your thread to the YJ forum for more help.

ks90yj 03-03-2009 12:41 PM

The ax-15 will bolt right up! Have fun its pretty easy If you can find the hard line out of an xj I also belive you will need to redo your master cylinder. Here is another page that a guy also did the swap he has pics and everything.

This is for all of you who are thinking about doing this swap. Its overall pretty easy (as long as you have the right parts) First things first get you a new can of PB cause you'll need it! Get you some little zip lock bags and a marker and be sure to label what parts you put in what bag. Next youll need to get an inverted torx bit its a m12. This is for the top two bellhousing bolts pain in the arss (I replaced them with regular bolts) Here is the most important one PIOLET BEARING!!!! before you even start call advanced adapters and have them send you the one for you tranny. Measure your AX15 inputshaft and it should be .75 or I forget what the other measurement was but measure it anywho. When you get it, it will be to big to fit in the back of your crank, so you can do two things either put it on a drill bit and grab some sand paper and start sanding yet another pain or (the method I tried after sanding) take it down to your local machine shop and have them get it the size you need (I took the piolet bearing from my new clutch kit and they sized it up). Next get a new clutch well worth it. My next recomendation is find you an external slave cylinder. I stuck with the internal but kind of regret it now. After haveing to pull the tranny back out after having it all bolted up and finding out it leaks like crazy if you dont put the o-rings in the lines :banghead:. So go with the external slave. If you do that I believe you need to swap your master cylinder. Next get you a little hand pump for your t-case if you dont have one. Made filling way easier!! And last but not least have some good help around makes a hell of a difference!!!
Hit me up if you have any questions!:D:D

alaskanaddict 03-03-2009 09:29 PM

AX15 swap
Hello, do you know if the bell housings from YJ's and XJ's are the same? Thanks, Bill

ks90yj 03-03-2009 09:59 PM

They should be. But I'm not sure.

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