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mcq316 03-03-2009 11:29 PM

Lift kit question
I'll start by saying I really don't know that much about cars, the terminology and whatnot. Let me put it this way: I know the terms crankshaft and camshaft, but I would have to really think about it if you asked me which is which. I have swapped out a remanufacured engine on an 91 wrangler, so I can do the work no problem when it's just a straight forward, take out the old part and replace with the exact same thing.

My question is about adding a suspension lift to my 95 wrangler. The leaf springs are sagging (nearly flat in the rear) and are going to get replaced, but I figure why not lift it a bit too, right? What height can I add without any additional work on the drivetrain/transfer case, if any? If I keep it to 1-2" do I need any other parts/work done?

I'm sure this has been asked dozens of times, but I couldn't find this specific answer and after reading through the forums a bit, I'm sure there are guys who can answer this off the top of their head. So thanks in advance if you can help.

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