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REDZILLA 09-03-2013 09:19 PM

charging system failure / guage cluster
Hey all. Have a 99 TJ . One day the cluster of gauges all went wack. Gas empty, and oil/alt max'd. Was still able to drive for a few hours. Later that night with the headlights on it died. :( was able to boost it for about 100m but it failed again. I can charge the battery and it holds the charge but dies again soon. My first thought was a alternator/ battery issue. Got alternator and battery tested, and both pass. i was confused. So i brought it to the shop, he tested again, both passed. The did a diagnostic and a code came up about battery ambient temp. Any ideas what thats about? Also the ground was tested and it was ok. So we have started thinking its a ECM issue. ? My mechanic suggested a external regulator for the alt to bypass the ECM. But the gauges may be wack. If anyone has had these problems or could help me out, i'd appreciate it.

I neeeeed my jeep back on the road soon. :censored:

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