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johnny02 03-07-2009 07:40 AM

install help?? 2 body lift and other??
this is my 1st time using this so hope u can help. i have an 02 wrangler. i have a 4" suspension lift im runnin 35" tires. i just bought a 2' body lift from 4 wheel dr hrdware. im ok mechanically but not great. ive done everything myself and i usually try until i fudge somethin up then i ask 4 help. but anyway. i installed the kit or most of it and the shifter will not go into 2 4 or reverse???? obviously bc of the floor and what not.. wondering what u guys nor mally do witht his prob?? hopefully it always happens? juts dnt wana start cutting if i dnt have to.. maybe if there is a link that i cannot find on here that has step by step instructions? better than what comes with it. dnt 4 get about the suspension lift 2.. dnt no if that will change anything. im tryin to just do 1 thing at a time on a limited budget... ive done about everyother bolt on thing i can think of... give me some time ill put some pics up..
2. my sterring box is leaking?? figures..... any recomendations. can i use stock rebuilt? or it hink it agr 1 or 2????? super pump? id rather go cheeper but dnt wana waste money either. and can i ride around like this 4 a while till i get extra money to buy new 1???
i no its a lot for a first post but please help??
oh i read a post bout some guy askin 4 a 2 inch spacer the large 1 they sent me an extra 1 so if any1 knows what post im talkin about tell him to msg me... he can have it.. i cant find it again... just a thought...

BARKDOG67 03-07-2009 09:17 AM

I don't have a body lift on mine but I've installed some in the past your kit should of came with a bracket for your transfer case shifter a 1 inch body lift might not need it but your installing a 2 inch I bet your shifter is hitting the floor.:)

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