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ccain 03-09-2009 12:59 PM

OMG!!! My factory warranty is about to expire!
Yup! The "factory" warranty on my 87 Wrangler is about to expire! I'd better go ahead and buy an extension from these trustworthy experts I have on the phone! I am soooo lucky they called me when they did! :mad:

Hell, I didn't know AMC offered a 22 year / 2,000,000 mile (which ever comes first) warranty :eek: Wow, I wish I'd have known about it before it ran out!

Jeesh! So, I'm settin' here this morning and my cell rings. I didn't recognize the number so I answered it just to see what it was. I get a recording. The exuberant but warning voice told me that my factory warranty was about to expire and that this was the last (that's funny, it was the first) call before my file was closed.

tiny has been dealing with this crap on her cell phone for months, but today they hit mine.

I waited, and finally "Chuck" answers. This is a transcript of the call:

"HI THERE! Can I get your name and the spelling for verification?"

Sure, Chris C H R I S... Cain C A I N.

"Thank you. Can I get the year, make and model of your vehicle please?"

That's when I started. Yes you can! it's an 87 Jeep Wrangler!

"Well" he interrupted, "We certainly wouldn't be able to offer you a warranty on that!"

I said "YEAH, I KNOW!" My girlfriend has been getting call after call from you and now you're bothering me?! Un unh! No way! You take our numbers off your call list Chuck! And I gave him tiny's number also.

"Well... We can put you on the "no call" list...

NOPE! These are our cell phones! Listen here Chuck, if I get so much as one more call on either phone from you people...


I hate that crap!!!! :banghead: Just leave me alone! If I want to buy something, I have this super-human, uncanny knack of being able to find the things I want to buy. :rolleyes: I don't need a reminder, let alone one that is clandestinely hidden as something most people need, such as a warranty on a newer car. These people border on harassment. They just wouldn't stop calling tiny.

I don't know about you guys, but I have neither the time or patients for this sort of thing.

Post up your most insidious telemarketing experience!

4point 03-09-2009 01:07 PM

We get those calls often, but never on the cell phones.

orange05tj 03-09-2009 01:42 PM

ahhh, I love those ones. You have 1 new message... "please hold, we have important information about your vehicle(s) warranty."

I told them I had a 1984 Plymouth Horizon. He responded I can not extend that vehicles warranty at this time, so I said, well then, how about the 9th phone call from you then? He said I would be removed from the calling system only to recieve that same call 4 days later. Now I wait for them to pick up and mess with their heads.

ccain 03-09-2009 01:59 PM

Yeah... I know he'll call back.

The next time, I'll wait until he answers and pause. I'm gonna ask him in a very deep, male sexy voice what he's wearing. We'll see how long it takes him to hang up! :D If he keeps going, I tell him "keep talking, I'm almost there!" :rofl:

Ol' Red 03-09-2009 02:31 PM

^Hahahahaha I gotta do that. When I got telemarketers on my house phone I would pretend to be beating my younger brother and tell him to get back in his cage.

orange05tj 03-09-2009 02:52 PM

^^ thats funny. When the Jehovas come to the door, I try to invite them in and try to see how long I can get them to stay. One time it was about 90 degrees outside so I told them to come in and tell their tales. So I cranked on the heat and then kept drinking ice cold water in front of them and never offered them a drink. They were sweating, loosenig their ties, I think the one guys tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth because he couldnt even talk talk right. This went on for about 2 hours and they finally went running for the door. Never seen them two since. About a month after that, I was washing the Jeep and here comes good old Watchtower farms asking me how my day was going and I said better till you got here **%^*&^$. I told him the neighbor was a little down in the dumps and could use a good word from the good book. He knocked on my neighbors door and then all hell broke loose. That guy was running down the street and his briefcase opened up and shit went flying everywhere. I guess you had to be there because that was some funny shit to see.

G54 03-09-2009 07:20 PM

I like this one from "Seinfeld".

YouTube - How to respond to a telemarketer - The Seinfeld way

RatherBNarizona 03-09-2009 07:51 PM

I start asking them their information, its worked for me
this is how I usually end it:
"Sir, you have called a restricted number which is on the no call list. My lawyer needs some information from you, please give me your name, number, and work address".
I do it in emails too lol

yjwrangler 03-09-2009 08:00 PM

yeah they have been calling me for months on my cell phone, years on my home phone, kinda sucks i get put on the "no call" list all the time!!! they just sell the number to another company. the latest one comes from canada!!!!! all the time they call me, sucks. one time i said "sure i would love to extend my warranty" so we get started, give him my name and number, and then i tell him," i have a 1982 ford f150 body on an 85 250 chassis with a 80's engine and a driveline out of an 79 model ton truck! ohh but it has 108k on the odometer surely i qualify for something!!!!

Dare2BSquare 03-09-2009 08:26 PM

You can register your cell phone on the do not call registry as well as your home phone. But then you can't screw with their heads when they don't call.

jgano23 03-10-2009 01:05 PM

my insidious telemarketing experiences, i do have a few. i posted a thread last week about my conversations with Quantum Credit:

a few days ago i got a call from the "Universal Yellow Pages" wanting me to continue my business listing (which i don't have). i sounded really excited when i asked him if that means that this "phone book" is distributed all over the universe. he said yes. he was giving me his sales pitch and said that i will gain business from people from all over the world. i asked him if his company pays for a translator when a non-english person calls me. he, of course, said yes. he even gave me an example. he said if some one were to call me from austraila, i could hire a translator. i had a hard time holding in my laughter. i said, "ok so if someone calls me from australia and i need an interpretur "Universal Yellow Pages" will pay for the interpretur?" he said they won't pay for that that is not their responsibility. he eventually hung up on me when he realized that i was only partonizing him.

i love messing with these idiots

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