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jeeperman 07-18-2005 11:13 AM

Kawarthas Jamboree in Bobcaygeon, ON
I just got back from the Kawarthas Jamboree, where I am a guide, and had an absolute blast! We are using 100% private land this year for the first time, so we had all new trails. The participants loved them, and the guides were much happier to see some new scenery after using the same trails (more or less) for the last 7 years. The 101 trail that I helped out with the first day was actually a trail, not a semi-paved road like in years past... There were a couple of really fun mud/tree root obstacles that were a little tricky with street tires, stock Jeeps and no off-road experience. But the second day I went out on the "Igorant" trail (named after the trail leader/creater). It is an 8-9 trail that the guy from Jeep Jamboree Canada said was "underrated". It was like going from one stage of a rock crawl to the next! It is the best trail that I have ever run. Very challenging, but with a properly equipped rig (33's+ and lockers front/rear) you can do the trail with no damage and not too much abuse of the truck. I would recommend a trip to this Jamboree for anyone in the NE U.S. Definitely worth the drive! I will be posting pics in the proper picture location when I get a chance (should be this week).

4Jeepn 07-20-2005 09:03 AM

Okay where are the pic's!

jeeperman 07-20-2005 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by 4Jeepn
Okay where are the pic's!

Waiting on my buddy in Toronto (film was in his camera, I was too busy driving :o ). I PROMISE I will post as soon as I get them. He said he would have them today, so I should have them by the end of next week!

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