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Adam013085 08-27-2006 02:07 AM

tonneau cover question
Hi. I found a bikini top, duster and tonneau cover combo on ebay for around $150 new. It said that I would need a part from a soft top hardware to install the tonneau cover. What part would that be? I have a hardtop on it now and is not equiped for a soft top. This looked to be the cheapest way for the summer months, about half as much as a soft top. I just needed to know waht all I needed to install this on a jeep that is not equiped for a soft top yet. I also have the full hard doors.

keithpeindl 08-27-2006 05:54 AM

I believe they are talking about a header channel. Its a piece that goes along the top of the windshield for the bikini to hook into. Just searh ebay for one... they are pretty cheap.

Adam013085 08-27-2006 12:05 PM

No its not the header channel. The header channel is for the bikini top. The piece I am talking about is the one used for the tonneau cover which covers the back up.

Vector6 08-27-2006 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Adam013085
No its not the header channel. The header channel is for the bikini top. The piece I am talking about is the one used for the tonneau cover which covers the back up.

that piece is in the bottom of the factory soft top rear window, its not really nessassary to use the duster , I sometimes dont install it on my works without it.

I have seen them on ebay but there not cheap

EDIT: I know this is for an unlimited, but you can get the idea of what you need... its part # 25 on this drawing.

Vector6 08-27-2006 02:17 PM

since you now have a hard top, you will probably need Item# 24 as well.

Texapple 08-27-2006 04:22 PM

that's interesting....someone else looking to switch their hard top to a soft one, didn't have part #24.

We took off Frank's hard top last weekend and we have part #24.....the Jeep came with only a hard top, go figure :confused:

Dare2BSquare 08-27-2006 05:24 PM

On my yj the duster cover mounts on the channels along the side of the tub and the back corners that a soft top uses. It looks just like the windshield channel - and the plastic edges of the duster slip up into it just like on the bikini top. I am sure you do not have these channels if you only had a hardtop.
BTW the duster and the tonneau are the same thing. I think what you are talking about with the duster is actually a windjammer. It comes with three channels that mount on the floor ridge behind the front seats where the tub raises levels to the back.
Like I said mine is a yj. Those with a tj soft top may be able to enlighten you further.

Adam013085 08-28-2006 12:24 AM

I was referring to the tonneau cover the part that covers the back but I went a different route and bought a full soft top off ebay. Seemed like I got a good deal. Was about $150 less than any other top I could find and it comes with all the hardware. It is the pavement ends soft top with the sunroof thing. It doesnt have to be anything excellent just somethin to keep the rain out in the summer months for the most part.

Dare2BSquare 08-28-2006 09:50 AM

Good move. Making sure that all the hardware is included in your purchase. Hope you are happy with what you got.

Adam013085 08-28-2006 11:55 AM

yea all the hardware is included. if it wasnt i would be goin with the bikini jammer tonneau set up.

save_alkaline 08-28-2006 01:30 PM

while we're on the topic.. i really want a bikini top / tonnaeu setup for my jeep. but i have a sound bar. are there any options for bikini tops that allow the use of the sound bar, because i have to admit, i love that thing!

also, how warm are they in the winter? would it be a dumb move to sell my hard top for a bikini top? the hard top has been sitting in my garage since i bought the jeep.

stainless 08-28-2006 01:55 PM

I've got a bikini top, windjammer, and tonneau cover for my 98.
When its all on, my soundbar is outside in the elements, but you can hear it just fine. I dont care if mine gets wet, or fades any more than it already has.
The setup that I have isn't a fully enclosed top. Its great to keep some cool air out, but it is still a little drafty, and rain comes in EASILY. Bestop has the half cab setup that seals up all the way around, but I'm sure it would cut out some of the sound from the speakers.

amerijeep 08-28-2006 02:55 PM

Move the sound bar to the other side, where it will be on the inside. That's how mine is.

save_alkaline 08-28-2006 09:19 PM

really? does that kill head room? i'm a tall guy. i'll have to check that out. thanks.

mrbigjeep 08-28-2006 10:01 PM

i wouldn't think it 6'3"

stainless 08-29-2006 06:46 AM

Can you move the sound bar to the front on a TJ?
I've never even looked at doing that, mainly because I am lazy and I dont feel like messing with it. :p
Would the door surrounds get in the way?

The aftermarket sound bar that I installed on my old YJ was in front of the main roll bar, and yes, its right there at your head. I'm right at 6' tall and there were a few inches between the speaker and my noggin...but I could hear the radio thats for sure.

Adam013085 08-29-2006 11:17 AM

all you would have to do is run some more wiring and flip the bar around i would imagine. i thought about this after i already bought my full soft top. otherwise i woulda went half.

Adam013085 08-31-2006 01:08 AM

haha that soft top was a joke. I got it on ebay and the description was out of the package so there were a few scrapes on the frame and the windows were scuffed. Well I took it out and thought that it looked funny but you could tell that someone else had already tried to install it. SOme of the metal was chipped where you could tell that the screws were screwed into them before. There was a pin sized hole in the soft top. I will be sending it back preferably for my money back but I don't know if that will be possible. If I can get it back im gonna go with a bikini tonneau and windjammer during the summer then hard top winter.

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