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myrddin 03-15-2009 11:51 AM

trying to decide... Need help...
hey guys, I need help deciding on something. I am thinking of trading my 1980 prof. restored L-82 Corvette out for a new daily driver. I have no cash so I am thinking I need to sacrifice my toy in order to get into a nice jeep (something that is close to what I want and can drive anytime).

now let me show you some pics and give a bit of detail to see what you guys think... and also I live in Southern Indiana near Louisville... I am not sure where to go or who to talk to get a good deal... any help there?

some info:
You interested in a trade?

1980 Corvette C3
L-82 Auto 350/350 turbo
I am looking to trade my 1980 Corvette... It was professionally restored in 2006. Its red with tan interior has a built 350. Power windows Custom stereo install with sub and Kenwood DVD monitor head unit. This car looks and feels like new. I have every receipt showing work done.

Motor/Trans has 1600 miles on it since rebuild
Stereo - Kenwood KVT-512 DVD,GPS - Dash speakers and 6x9's with Kenwood amp and sub in custom enclosure (2000.00) Kenwood KVT-512
411 rear end (new)

Everything is new..carpet,.. seats,...paint,... engine,... tires,... suspension,... The car needs some finishing touches....air doesn’t work... intermittent wipers don’t work...regular wipers do. Everything else is good to go.

This car is not a run of the mill trashed out corvette... as of this date the paint has still not seen rain. If you want to see pics you can check some out here: :: VW Classifieds - My Corvette for your?

Not sure how to post pics but here is a link to some of them above ^^

Please let me know what you think... I am having a hard time letting it go, but I know I need something new to drive every day... so not sure what else to do.

I am looking for an as new as possible Jeep fixed up with lights and lift and well I want an eye catcher to replace my pride and joy.

figured it out (there are a few pics)..
head unit here (may or may not go with car:

daanbc 03-15-2009 01:07 PM

Personnely I'm a vette man myself. I had an 80 also "yellow" with the limo tint. I would not part with your vette. I do like jeep's but as for future investment and holding value, I'd stick with the vette, even though it's not a # matching car. Both vette's and jeeps keep there value. But there is a larger audiance for the vette. if ya ever wanted to resell it down the line. I kick myself for letting mine go. Save some cash and get a weekend beater that you can fix up and have fun driving. My 2 cents.

myrddin 03-15-2009 01:32 PM

thanks... point understood. Just not sure as of yet. I am in need of a replacement for my driver... Sucks. but I am stuck... If I were to trade out of it I would be OK as long as I end up with a nice jeep...

still thinking.

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