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Teddy 03-15-2009 10:32 PM

Need help with a lift kit!!
Hey guys i have a 03 wrangler X and i really want to go with 6in lift probably RC. can you guys give me any other options or your opinions what you think i would really appreciate it!.

4point 03-15-2009 10:39 PM

What size tires are going to run. There's a lot of extra stuff that has to be done with a lift that size and larger tires, brakes, diffs, gears, exhaust...............

Sb5551 03-15-2009 10:47 PM

4Point is right. There are a lot of things to think about when going for a 6 inch lift. I would not recomend RC for it either. They only have a short arm lift. Short arms are what to short of a control arm for a 6 inch lift.

Teddy 03-15-2009 11:35 PM

well im gettin dana 44 front and rear tomorrow. And i have a super 44 exhaust and thats about it i wanna run 35s.So what would you guys think is best for my needs (and im not going to be doing any major wheeling light mud n trails)

snwchris 03-16-2009 04:18 AM

For what your planning on the best kit I can recommend would be the RE 4.5 Super Flex kit. Its the one of the most complete kits out there.

If your not doin any major wheeling why run 35's..... 33's will be prefect for what your looking to do. If running 35's you need to then also look at Gears for both front & rear then, which unless your installing yourself can be costly.

Stay away from the RC kit... it's called Rough Country for a reason... it rides rough. Maybe they've changed over the last couple years, but from everything I've heard I would stay away.

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