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whitebuffalo 08-28-2006 10:52 AM

just registered for YO ranch sept 29
im stoked. i know Greg said he was going.....anyone else headed that way? now i gotta get my POS ship shape by then. i broke my CB antenna off so i gotta do something with that...and hopefully get my extended brake lines in and squared away. oh...and rattlecan my fenders where i welded the seams after chopping them. i better get busy!

Wr@ngler00 08-30-2006 12:23 AM

Hey man, is that in kerville? Hows it going latley? Been trail riding any? What did you pay total and what did it get you?

whitebuffalo 08-30-2006 01:35 PM

hey man, whats up? havent seen you around in a while. yeah, its up past kerrville. i havent been able to play too much lately since ive been working like a slave, and i bought an old boat so ive been playing with that. so, just mostly brief little ventures off road to scratch my itch and make me think its worth itt to keeo paying insurance on the jeep! i paid $79 for the vehicle entry. thats for wheeling friday and saturday. then it was 45 for the campsite which is for thurs, fri, and sat night (its 15 per night). then i paid 10 bucks for a passenger. my sister is gonna come down from ft. worth and go with me (im trying to convince her to buy a jeep). so...just over 100 bucks...but i figure thats not too bad for an entire weekend of fun. hell, i can hardly take my girlfriend out for that much. LOL. i was gonna bring her and the rugrat to this deal...but im not sure how well the young'un would handle camping and jeeping. plus..theyre not quite the outdoorsman i i was afraid they'd get bored. you oughta come out there man, it looks like fun. ive never been before, soi i cant say for certain...but it looks good.

how about you? have you been wheeling any lately? i might head out to the trails tonight to just check em shouldnt be too muddy form the 14 drops of rain we got yesterday. i gotta go by my buddy's house to pick up a tranny for my dads truck that i gotta put in tomorrow :mad: if i have time tho, ill hit the trails...ill let u know if theyre decent or hoping they havent torn more of it up :cool:

u oughta go to the YO thing.....greg (jeeptales from this site) is the one who i heard about it from.....

jeeptales 08-30-2006 04:54 PM

Your darn right!
I'll be there infact I'm on the guide staff.

I hope to have my buddies Mark Toy and Rachel Bruner there with me.

It's going to be a blast.

We have our last Work day on the ranch next weekend.

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