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vettefever5 03-16-2009 10:13 AM

need help with rear seat brackets
i need some help with my rear seat brackets and getting them to line up correctly. i picked up the jeep last september but haven't had a chance to do much with them. when the seat is down, the rear pins don't even come close to aligning with the slot on the bracket that i'm assuming is meant to hold it. i tried switching the front brackets around but it didn't help. here are some pictures:

1) this is a view from the back of how the seat lines up

2) this is a shot at the driver side front bracket with the seat installed

3) this is the passenger side front bracket

i know the guy that i bought it from said he replaced the carpet shortly beforehand, so i guess it's possible that he installed something wrong. the only thing i can think of (but haven't tried since i don't have a torx bit) is to switch the rear brackets, because i can tell by sliding the bracket in the alignment slot isn't going to help anything.

so, any thoughts? does anyone that still has a back seat happen to have any pictures of how their brackets look? i know it's not a huge deal, but just in case anything happens i wouldn't want my rear seat flipping up toward the front of the car unexpectedly. thanks guys

depol 09-21-2009 08:06 PM

I have exactly the same problem! vettefever5, do you have solution? Please, someone post here photos with correct installation of the brackets like that.
Thank You.

motokeen 09-21-2009 08:09 PM

Losten the brackets and put the seat down and move the brackets into locking position then tighten up. If you can't get to fasteners then just mark it and move seat to tighten.

depol 09-23-2009 02:20 AM

Thank You, motokeen. But I still have no sucess. Maybe this brackets from another jeep model.

mrcarcrazy 09-23-2009 11:01 AM

90 Attachment(s)
my 2001 doesn't have the bracket from your first pic.

I have the two up front, and thats it...

05GT-O.C.D. 09-23-2009 11:23 AM

Bump this thread tonight after 7:00 eastern and I'll get the proper pics for you.

jes53 09-09-2010 03:47 PM

i had the same problem
what you have to do is put the brackets on the other side and flip them around i could go on and explain it better but pictures will make it alot easier
that should help

jlowrey83 03-21-2012 12:30 PM

Brought back from the dead. jes53, thank you SO MUCH for those pictures. You just made my day.

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