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agriesemer 08-30-2006 07:43 PM

whats your opinion (best jeep)
Just a little something interesting. I was wondering what everyones dream Jeep would be or look like.

Jeep has been around for along time and continues to lead the market in durability (my opinion) and versatility. but out of all the old Amc's, Tj, yj,rubicons. Whats your favorite

mrbigjeep 08-30-2006 08:24 PM

i really like pretty much all the SWB's...i've seen some really awesome CJ's, YJ's, and TJ's...its pretty hard to decide...i like em' all!

jeeperman 08-30-2006 09:02 PM

See, dream Jeep and favorite factory rig are definitely different things... For the factory rig, I would have to say a Rubicon, just for the lockers and MTR's with a warranty off the lot... As for my dream Jeep, it would be a CJ-8 with triangulated 4 links front and rear on Rockwells running 47" swampers bobbed in the rear for better departure angle. Running an aluminum block LT1. Coilovers front and rear of course... I could go on, but I would like to sleep tonight so I will stop here...;)

4Jeepn 08-30-2006 09:18 PM

Factory Jeep: with a few things different:

For my Dream Jeep:

And If I could have a 3rd

amerijeep 08-30-2006 09:24 PM

Mine is the best one ever made.

mrbigjeep 08-30-2006 09:37 PM

4jeepn, that factory jeep is pretty sweet!

Texapple 08-30-2006 09:58 PM

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I'd have a monster built rock climber for the trail.

daily driver: CJ for the cool factor
TJ for the smoother ride & creature comforts Attachment 569 I love 'em both - I can't make up my mind.....I'm a woman, I'm allowed :D

& I'm with 4Jeepn....I really like the Brute

stainless 08-30-2006 09:58 PM

AEV kicks SO much ass its not even funny. The AEV Brute is, hands down, my favorite Jeep ever. :D

mswilder 09-01-2006 12:07 AM

i like the rubicons, just not a fan of cars older them me, sorry to make the rest feel old but i am only 20!!!

Dare2BSquare 09-01-2006 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by mswilder
i like the rubicons, just not a fan of cars older them me, sorry to make the rest feel old but i am only 20!!!

Well, that would leave out a TON of great cars. All the muscle cars of the 60's and 70's. If you never strapped yourself into a
"65 GTO with a 389 with 3 deuces and a four speed you ain't lived yet. I don't feel old, just experienced.

stainless 09-01-2006 07:58 AM

I agree. I'm only 24, and some of my best automotive memories were made in the 68 Firebird 400 I had in high school. If you haven't experienced that kind of thrill that a big block in and old car can give, then you haven't lived. :cool:

DownandDirty 09-05-2006 09:16 AM

Eat, drink, and sleep CJ7's. I'm in the planning process for my new project. It's going to be a CJ7 with 1 ton axles and a big block on at least 38" tires. I might go bigger depending on my mood. :)

daddyjeep 09-05-2006 11:24 AM

I am on the same page as amerijeep...My Jeep is the best. Although my all time favorite Jeep would have to be the original Willys, with a few improvements of course. Then, over the weekend when I was picking up my new minivan I peered through the service department window and got a peek at the brand new 4 door wrangler. I will own this Jeep!!! It looks much better in person than it does in the pictures.

whiteyj 09-05-2006 02:01 PM

I always wanted an M38A1 Military. Glad I didn't go that route now that I have my YJ!

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