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larrythefilmguy 09-08-2013 06:46 PM

1995 Wrangler, Extension housing replacement
Hey everyone, I have a 4cyl 95 wrangler, my driveshaft decided to do a combat roll off my transfer at about 70, i found that i wore my u joints out (rookie mistake, should have noticed the vibration) so now I have the new extension housing with a new bushing and my shaft does not slide through, is this normal?

AllMudd 09-08-2013 07:37 PM

Pics. And did you need a new drive shaft?

larrythefilmguy 09-08-2013 07:44 PM

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No I did not need a new drive shaft, I am at work at the moment but I installed the new extension housing and it already had a bushing. Once line up the drive shaft it stops at the bushing

reno92 09-08-2013 07:55 PM

I'm trying to picture what you're describing. So you are saying your u-joints broke and your DS slipped out the TC. Did it ruin your TC output tail cone (new extension)?
did you add a new tail cone or do a SYE? If you added a new tail cone and you're trying to slip the old slip yoke in, I would inspect it close. It went flying around at 70 mph, I'd also have your DS checked out as it must have hit a lot of things spinning free at that speed.

reno92 09-08-2013 08:38 PM

Okay, now I see your photos. So you put a new cone on, I'm assuming it fits flush with the TC housing, you put on new snap rings on the shaft and the end of the cone had the rear seal bushing in already, you added the lock ring and cover. You say the driveshaft stops at the bushing, which is good you don't want it pushing against the bushing, this is your slip yoke. So I'm not sure where the problem is, does the slip yoke not move along the shaft?

larrythefilmguy 09-08-2013 10:52 PM

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This is as far as I can get the slip yolk in. It stops at the bushing. I am trying to figure out if this is normal or do I need to apply force..

Attachment 328857

I need to go another 2 inches or I won't be able to attach to my rear axle

AllMudd 09-08-2013 11:31 PM

Yea that's not far enough. You can tell it needs to go another 2" or so just by the shinny spot in the yoke.

reno92 09-09-2013 12:17 AM

Did you put a little T fluid on the yoke and around the seal? It needs to be tight to keep from leaking. I'd put the cone on the TC so once you get it in and on the shaft you don't have to pull it off.

larrythefilmguy 09-09-2013 01:20 AM

Is it safe to tap the shaft through the bushing? I will put some t fluid on as well..

AllMudd 09-09-2013 09:05 AM

I am not a fan of forcing anything. If you do it could create another issue. The yoke should slide in the housing snug but not be forced in.

reno92 09-09-2013 11:59 AM

The fact that it went in means something is stopping it from going furthur. It could just mean the dry shaft and dry seal are sticking so try ATF. The other problem could be what I mentioned earlier. Did the slip yoke get damaged when it flew off at 70 mph? Are there burs on the yoke? Run you hand down the shaft with some ATF and see if it's smooth.

OverkillYJ 09-10-2013 11:09 AM

I would just buy an SYE since it comes with the main shaft for the TC internals. Then obviously you would get a new driveshaft.

Trying to get that thing back together after that type of damage has been done, has fail written all over it. You may get it together, but I have a feeling you will have some nice vibes.

larrythefilmguy 09-10-2013 01:27 PM

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Update, jeep is fixed. I froze the slip yolk and it slid through the bushing...

Attachment 333233

Just did a test drive up to 50mph and all is smooth

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