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TTTE 09-09-2013 12:15 PM

1st gear dogs out
I went muddin this past weekend, took a very light trail at first. On it, i popped it in 4hi, it dogged out with almost no power in first. There was no incline either. This is the first time this happened. It happened a couple more times that day. Just running 33s, 4.0 5spd. i got stuck later that day with the nose up at about 20deg. it wouldnt start till i got level...are these problems related? should the fuel pump still send fuel at that angle? (the tank was filled earlier that day, bout 7/8 full) could it be the gas tank pressure with the previous fill up? Don't know if this matters, but thermostat appeared to go out early that day so i had to pay special attention to the temps.

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