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TCCustoms 03-30-2009 04:26 PM

Air kit installs, idea's, or HELP?
ok guys, i got the air kit back out of my stolen Dodge Ram when it was recovered and i want to put it on this jeep. There is very limited room inside and would like to stick with it outside plus there's already enough noise inside(wind and stereo:D). I was thinking of putting the compressor under the hood up in the driver side battery tray area and the air tank under the driver seat underneath the jeep. I have the HORNBLASTERS S4 train/air horns also that i pretty much kno where im putting those but need ideas for the air tank and compressor....

Here is the link to my truck with the Kleinn 220 air horns before it was stolen and the air kit is on the top right in the tool box....the tank is 2.5 Gal tank and the tank fittings will be moved around becuz im thinking of mounting it upside down underneath the jeep so i have to relocate the bleed-off to the top port where the pump is coming in(in the pic that is)
Travis 2003 Dodge Ram on Kleinn's Website

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