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Hackle 09-02-2006 05:37 PM

AZ Wheeling Trip
A couple weeks ago we got 1BLKJP off the couch and on the trail to run Axle Alley. Well today we pulled My1stJP out to the trail:) We ran Lower Terminator this was a run that I want to thank Chris and Joe and everyone else that join up as 2 weeks ago I had to have my Dog Storm put down as at over 15 years old it was time. Storm and I and our friends had spent a lot of good time on the trails together and felt the best way to have Storm's last jeep ride the end would be the spread his ashes on a trail that he has been my partner on many times. I am sure he is very happy today as he will always be on the trail now.
We had a good run with no major problems and I started my new dog "Rain" out on his first trail run in a Jeep. He did very well.
Thanks again chris and Joe.

Click on the pic to see a larger picture this will also take you to the album.

bluvikng 09-02-2006 05:49 PM

Sorry to hear about you little friend, Storm. It is always hard to let go of an old friend, like that. Hopefully, Storm will be riding down the happy trails, of dog heaven. As always, your pix's are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing them with us. Keep on wheeling, and doing your thing, Hackle. Your wheeling is poetry in motion.

mrbigjeep 09-02-2006 08:10 PM

lookin mud out there in AZ :D

Texapple 09-03-2006 12:54 AM

That was a fitting tribute to an old friend.....I'm sorry for your loss.

and I echo blue's sentiments about wheeling inspiration...keep the photos coming

JeepGuyLJ 09-04-2006 12:15 AM

looks like you had alot of fun. Nice rig.:cool:

1BLKJP 09-05-2006 07:05 PM

Jim, I'm way sorry again that I couldn't be there. We had this trip planned to Huntington Beach for a few months. Definitely a fitting tribute to Storm. He is the best wheelin dog I've ever been on the trail with. I've heard Chris's stories about the run though and it sounds like it was still pretty eventful. :D

HA, The last pic is funny Chris told me that Joe was trying to get Lisa to flop his rig over there. That girl can drive.

So how did Rain like it?

Hackle 09-07-2006 07:24 PM

Jack I can not call Joe's nor my Jeep SWB as they have been stretched, but they still have a totaly different feel then the XJ Lisa was used to. She did very well once she started to get a feel for it. she drives very well.
Rain is a very mellow dog (so far) he had a lot of fun but did lose his breakfast after the first couple obsticles. He seemed to be very happy throughout the trail.

DownandDirty 09-11-2006 10:30 AM

Sweet pics.

Pavement Optional 09-30-2006 09:30 PM

i'm very sorry to hear about your dog storm but it sounds like he had a good run. i had to have my 13 yr. old chocolate lab put down about 2 years ago and we burried him in my yard. and i'm glad to hear that your already breaking in the new dog haha. those are some really nice pictures though. keep them coming.

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