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ccain 04-03-2009 06:14 PM

Read before posting!!!
There seems to be a lot of issues here in the New York Regional Forum. This of course has caused the staff to take notice. Please don't think for one minute that just because this is a "regional" forum that it doesn't get viewed by the whole of the staff.

WF does not condone illegal wheeling, but we will not allow unsubstantiated accusations against our members.

If anyone would like to open a discussion about how illegal wheeling, ie wildcatting, ruins the 4x4 community from the inside please post it up in the "landuse" area of the main forum. It is a huge problem that we should all be concerned about if we want to continue to have places to enjoy our hobby.

Also let it be known that ALL persons posting and their posts in this "regional" forum will be and have been monitored by the staff. If you are only here to badger off-roaders then you need to move along.

From here on out there will be NO MORE warnings, only infractions and or bannings.

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