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Heff733 04-03-2009 07:20 PM

4" springs and soa, i need more flex!!!!
ok so when i bought my jeep it had a 4" suspension lift and i wanted to go higher... :D so i bought perches and flipped the axles... removed sway bar, removed track bars, removed the sticking e-brake lines all together...
so i wanted to flex it out for shocks and brake lines.... got the kabota out and lifted up the front pass side... i need more flex...
i`m still running the stock spring shackles... didnt really wanna go any higher than it currently sits... the front isnt to bad, the rear was terrible, like 4" diffrence at the shock mounts at full flex..... thinking maybe take a leaf outta each spring pack... just got my jb 4x4 cross over steering bracket today, gonna go tap some holes in the spindle to mount this bad boy so i have steering....

1BLKJP 04-04-2009 03:51 AM

Wow, you probably have about 9 inches of lift with that setup. You could definitely remove a leaf from the pack and that will help, but with using of the 4" lift springs that's going to be your main problem. Honestly you might want to get a hold of a set of stock springs to use for your SOA setup. That would be the cheapest. Or look into a set of Rubicon Express SOA springs. They are about 1.5" lift springs with a double military wrap to help out with spring wrap.

78cj7 04-04-2009 08:15 AM

1blkjp is right on the money, arched lift springs will hinder your flex but they will give you tons of lift :doh:.

I run RE SOA springs on all my jeeps if they are spring over, they flex really well and they ride great. You will still have some axle wrap so some kind of bar is mandatory to save your driveshaft. If you still want more than the 1.5" of lift you can do a body lift for tire clearance or you can start cutting the fenders back to gain the same.

My last cj I built had RE SOA and 2" BL with the RE parches and bigger axles I ended up with almost 10" over stock, way more than enough and the flex was great IMHO. Here are some pics with 38.5's.

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