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snwchris 04-15-2009 03:32 PM

Rear Pinion Yoke.... upgrade????
It looks as if I'll need to replace the Rear Pinion Yoke since there's some play in it.

A little history:
I have Coast DS and last fall had to replace the Rear DS U-joint and could only find a Napa Precision at the time. I used the Napa Precision joint, but noticed upon installation in the rear yoke and there was a little play in u-joint and the cast ears in the rear yoke, that would move about 1/8" back & forth.

I talked with I believe Bill from Coast Driveline who helped me out with getting me the correct Spicer u-joint to replace the Napa Precision. I installed the Spicer and when I put in the rear Yoke, was a better fit, no play.

After returning from my wheeling trip this past weekend I now have some play in the Rear Yoke again.

If I remember correctly I think the stock yoke is a 1330... and 26 spline...

But I'm wondering if I should look at upgrading to a 1350 style Yoke....
or just get a replacement stock yoke.

Thanks in advance

snwchris 04-15-2009 03:58 PM

Rear Pinion Yoke upgrade from Coast Driveline
Coast Driveline & Gear

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