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GenRightTom 09-14-2013 11:07 PM

GenRight Off-Road introduces Carbon Fiber!
Are you ready for a unique product to the Off-Roader aftermarket parts arena?! GenRight has taken outside-the-box thinking to an all new level with Carbon Fiber bumpers and fenders!!!!


Note: In addition to meeting the requests of our customer base for something different, we also weighed the manufacturing idea of CF from an off-road racing point of view.....much like the off-road truck rigs and stock cars in NASCAR having body panels that could be easily removable in a racing environment under HARD impact. The concept is that anything hit hard enough WILL get damaged regardless if it is steel/aluminum/CF....and for off-road racers, this offers the ability to pull the damaged part (fenders/bumpers/etc) off of the rig and keep racing without causing more damage ultimately knocking them out of the race (i.e. a damaged fender digging into a $400+ tire because it wasn't easily removable....a damaged CF flare could quickly be taken off and keep racing).

GenRight Carbon Fiber Winch Bumper

GenRight Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper

GenRight Carbon Fiber Front Fenders

GenRight Carbon Fiber Rear Fenders

GenRightTom 09-14-2013 11:07 PM

Here is the RockStar JKU wrapped with Carbon Fiber!

GenRightTom 09-14-2013 11:08 PM

We are offering a special discount for the first 30 of ALL our Carbon Fiber Pre-Orders. You will receive 20% off of the Carbon Fiber Products! This includes the JK front fenders, JK rear fenders, and the front & rear bumpers!

Simply call our Sales Department (805.584.8635), and ask to place an order with either Keith or Andrew. Then, mention the that you want to take advantage of our 20% off Carbon Fiber Pre-Order, and they will apply the discount to your Pre-Order!

These are the lightest fenders in the industry and add a unique flare to your Jeep unlike anything else out there! Below is Tony with the Front Carbon Fiber Fender on our new build.

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