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faheedsocal 09-15-2013 01:04 PM

first project
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Hello everyone! im an international student living in San Diego and this is my first post, however ive been reading hundreds off the forum in the past 7 months. im working on my 2010 2dr sport wrangler which is my first car (Daily college Driver), and i am a complete newbie when it comes to modifying jeeps.
at the moment ive got a rock slide engineering front bumper which i put on recently with a friend, and im going to get the rockslide engineering rear bumper to match within the next couple days.

R-SE Rigid Front Bumper - Front bumper

R-SE Rigid Rear Bumper with IPTC - the rear bumper im going to order real soon.

I am also looking to get a lift kit, and 33" or 35" tires but i am pretty much lost when it comes to the tires and lift kit part. Im looking for basically the smoothest on road lift kit, However i have no experience with lift kits at all, and I dont believe ive been in a lifted jeep before. From what i understand, the Rock crawlers (with fox racing shox Ive been told) seem to give the best on road experience, while my friend is urging me to get a teraflex. im aiming to lift just 2 or 2.5 inches to clear better tires, and theres a remote thing couple inches ontop of my parking space to open the garage door and im not supposed to hit it, unless i wanna park outside my garage which would suck.

As for wheels and tire brands, and their measurement i pretty much have no idea. Right now ive got the stock BFG's. I wont be doing hard core offroading on mountains and stuff i think, but i will be doing the occasional weekend trail, and having fun in the desert and stuff like that. One of my main concerns about the tires though is rubbing.

Any advice with lift kits, tires, bumpers, where i could have some fun in Socal, or any tips whatsoever that have to do with anything on the jeep is VERY GREATLY appreciated!
Also my skid plate is currently off and im a little unsure on how to hook it up to my new bumpers, but a friend of mine said i dont need it. DO i need it?

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