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innocent bystander 04-20-2009 06:34 PM

Vacuum Leaks - REDUB
Hey guys,

Yes, I have read every thread about vacuum leaks and heater controls on here... and I can't find the leak. All of the actuators look good. If I watch the defroster one, it moves vvveeeerrrryyy slllloooooowwww. With a little help, it does complete it's cycle. That tends to make me think there is a leak.

What I DIDN'T read on the other threads is where abouts to start looking on a 2.5L. I have a 2001 with the 2.5L.

On a side note.... I suspect they are not related... but my $WD indicator is no longer doing it's thing either. I shorted the wires, light comes on. Leads to the switch gone bad. It is a vacuum switch. Like I said, I suspect that they are not related.

Anywho. Anyone have to hunt down a vacuum leak in a 4 banger? Where did you start?

Thanks in advance.

rrich 04-20-2009 08:40 PM

Are you asking the easy way to find an underdash leak?

Find the vacuum hose that goes through the firewall to the inside.
Have someone blow cigarette smoke through it, see where the smoke comes out where it shouldn't.

jpdocdave 04-20-2009 08:42 PM

the vacuum leak is usually under the hood though. follow the line from the firewall through the engine bay, you'll most likely find it under the hood.

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