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73mach1 09-11-2006 10:50 AM

t-case angle, XJ double joints driveshaft ??
heres the situation.... i have a YJ frame, cj7 fiber body, amc 304 engine, XJ ax-15 tranny, XJ np231 t-case, since there wasnt any v8 in yjs i made a 1/4inch shim between the engine and tranny, machined the pilot bearing along with other minor mods, so the 304 is now in the frame, i made the front custom engine mounts, now time to make the rear one, it will be a custom crossmember for the t-case support along with a custom skidplate, since i will put a 4inch suspensin lift (and if the yj was stock) i would need the lower the t-case, since mine is custom i can put it right where it should go... so questions are :

i bought a 93 cherokee for the tranny but also have the front driveshat wich is a double joint , could it fit the rear of the yj since its shorter ? where i work we have a driveshaft guy wich should be able to weld me the double yoke to the stock driveshaft then make a slipyoke in it and balanced so modification isnt a problem just want to know if it would be good, i dont want vibes

since i dont have the 4inch lift now the only way i can measure where the t-case must be bolted is the angle of the t-case or tranny, i measured the t-case angle on my father XJ and found 6 degree so i assume that running the engine/tranny/t-case at 10 degree would be correct ??


socalchef 09-12-2006 09:38 AM

pick up another cherokee front shaft and have your driveshaft guy cut it down to fit. I run them front and rear. You'll need the slip yoke eliminator on the tcase. Using the CV joint AND a slip yoke won't really work all that swell. To use one in the front you'll also need a CV compatible yoke (takes bolts through the back into the driveshaft rather then ubolts or straps. i wouldn't worry so much about the angle at which you place the tcase output. when running a CV driveshaft, you set the pinion on the axle to point 1-3 degrees below the tcase output. with the slip yoke eliminator on the transfer case and the slightly longer with CV shaft, you won't have vibes at 4". For building the rear crossmember to hold the transfer case, just raise it as high as you can and build it there.

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