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Busted 09-16-2013 06:07 PM

Check Engine Cylinder 4 Misfire
I bought the Jeep a couple of months ago. It is not my daily driver so I don't put many miles on it myself. It is an '01, 4.0L, 5sp with 146k miles on it. Last week I noticed a small coolant puddle under it. Coolant level was still full. Saturday I flushed the entire system, replaced the water pump, thermostat and belt. Started it up, drove it around the block and everything looked good. Went to go get coffee Sunday morning and it didn't start right up. I gave it a little gas and it started with a puff of white smoke and the check engine light was on. I drove it to the local parts store to get the light checked. He said it was a misfire. I replaced the plugs since I hadn't had a chance to do that yet. I'm not sure they were ever replaced. They were the right color but had about .075 gap! It starts right up without any problems but I did smell coolant. I'm hoping from the water pump change ... I have already read a lot of other posts .... please don't be a head. I didn't find the casting number but I only looked really quick. Anyway, I drove it for a short trip this afternoon and the check engine light is gone. I didn't smell coolant but I had the top up. Is this good news or just temporary?

Mr Mac 09-16-2013 06:29 PM

Hopefully it's good news! Last time I did cooling system work (daughter's Mustang thermostat) she said she smelled coolant for a couple of days though it never overheated again. After a couple more days I asked her again and she hadn't smelled it again...

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