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Nicholson 04-26-2009 06:39 PM

Driveline/ Lift Questions
I have 2000 TJ and am wanting to put a 4" lift on it. Thinking about maybe a tuff country EZ flex, I understand the kit comes with parts to drop the transfer case, but doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of gaining ground clearance. I've seen a lot of guys running Tom Wood's driveshafts, is this a one or the other thing? Is there anything else I will need to purchase that doesn't come with the kit? (besides wheels & bigger tires)

350chevrolet 04-26-2009 06:48 PM

dont know much about that lift itself, BUT you are correct with the transfer case drop kit defeating the purpose of a lift. in order to run a cv driveshaft (tom wood shaft) you need a sye kit for your transfer case. a sye kit will run 200-250 depending on where you buy it and the driveshaft is about the same. using the transfer case drop kit will work for you until you have the money for the new driveshaft and the sye tho. and yes, it is an either or type of thing. when you put on a cv driveshaft you remove the drop kit, it wont hurt anything to leave it on but whats the point.

jeepfreak4x4 04-26-2009 07:36 PM

Nicholson - right on w/ the ground clearance point, but the lift offers the space for articulation. As well as bigger tires. I just spent weeks deliberating between different lift options. It was between a rough country 4" X-series kit and the RE 3.5 and/or 4.5 Ultimate. Then I decided I didn't do enough off-road driving to warrant all the drive line mods, so I went w/ the RC 3.25 lift and saved all the SYE and CV Shaft fun.
Best of Luck whichever lift you run.

Nicholson 04-26-2009 08:24 PM

So with 3.25" you didn't have to drop the case or swap drivelines? What size tire are you running? I'm also not sure about wheel width, I've read about a bunch of different sizes...

350chevrolet 04-26-2009 08:49 PM

with a 3" lift you may and may not have to drop the transfer case. depends on if you get vibrations or not.

austindsmith9 08-28-2009 03:31 PM

I have the 3.25'' from RC and i have enjoyed it. It comes with the t-case drop kit already to eliminate the vibes. I havent had any yet. i havent had to mess with SYE kit or new driveshaft. But if your extreme and flex it to the max a lot then it wouldnt hurt. But I am not until i have to....on a tight budget. I am running 33x12.50 tires on 16x8 rim size. Basically from what i have read on tires, is that the wider the tire=less fuel economy, Wider the tire=a bit less roll, wider the tire=a bit more traction and more rubber to grab hold and get over stuff. Dont know if you need this advice but ill give it anyway...tire tread makes a difference also. A/T is the best road manners but doesnt have as much traction in thick mud (but its cheaper and if you pick a good tread pattern they do a pretty good job!) and it reverses in affects when you go into M/T or swamper tires. hope this helps!

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