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Feed_That_Jones 09-16-2013 10:32 PM

Whos put a timing belt on a ford 2.0?
Hey guys, didn't know where to post this so OT seemed ok. Ive got a 96 contour( don't laugh, it was free) that has set for a while. My mother bought it new and drove it till it started making some noise coming from the timing belt area and devolped an oil leak my dad couldn't find, so they gave it to my grandfather to tool around in while he was retired. They refused to change the timing belt on, as my grandfather would say, "these new fangled motors". He drove it for alittle while until he got tired of the burnt oil smell and parked it. It has 102k and has since been given to me to fix and drive to work and stuff to save gas with the jeep. It needs little things to get it back going, timing belt, tires, find oil leak(which will be fun because no one ever fixed it and the entire back of the engine is covered in funk), brakes, etc. But ive never got around to fixing it until now. My TJ is starting to get front fender rust and im going to put some diy tube fenders on it and want something else to drive so I can take my time making them. Ive done timing belts before on various vehicles but and am no stranger to a wrench but I see that ford has a special tool that threads into the block to turn the crank to until it stops to set where im guessing it will be on TDC. So my question is do I really need this tool? I can make the one that holds the cams at work, but cant I just get no. 1 on TDC compression stroke with a dial indicator and be good to go?
Any help would be appricated, I don't really want to spend the money on a tool I may only use once, even though its not that much. Thanks guys!

Heres the two tools, seems to me ford made the one im talking about to ease timing belt changes for techs. The flat piece is what holds the cams in place, im going to make that at work for free unless I have to have the other tool then Ill just buy them.

OTC 6486 Cam Tool Service Set FOR Ford 2.0L Ztec Engines : : Automotive

sorry if this is kind of a rambling post, im sick and on meds and not quite all there at the moment.

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