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Kika 04-27-2009 09:53 PM

Need advice shopping for YJ soft top please!
Hi. I have a 95 YJ with full steel doors. The factory soft top on my old '89 was great (put it up in the rain at night in under 4 minutes including the windows). My '95 only came with the hardtop so I ordered one from (I think it was the sunrider) and hated it. Unlike the factory model, it took forever to put up and I kept snagging my roll-bar covers. Then I ordered the bikini/duster combo with the straps. It doesn't seal the cabin at all (it leaves about a half-foot wide gap between the rollbar & doors!!!) and sags down filling with deep pools of rainwater. ANY SUGGESTIONS WHICH AFTER-MARKET TOPS GO UP QUICK AND SEAL OUT RAIN WELL? BEEN LOOKING AT THE BESTOP SUPERTOP & BESTOP HALFTOP. ANY FEEDBACK ON THEM?
Thanks <3 Kika

Ol' Red 04-28-2009 08:53 PM

Those two bestop tops were the ones I was going to recommend after reading the first few sentences. I have the Supertop and love it, but would love to get a halftop if i had the money. Both are excellent quality-Bestop really is the best in the business.

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