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JCS05Rubi 04-27-2009 10:25 PM

For Gun Owners In California
Just in case you gun owners in California didn't know about this, now would be the time to read up real quick and start shooting off emails... ASAP. Even if you don't live in Cali, sending a few emails may make a big difference. You all know the saying, "Starts in Cali, ends in DC."

Anyway, here's the link:
NRA-ILA :: Ammunition Sales Restrictions Moving Forward in California

Don't know about you all, but 50 rounds lasts me about 5 minutes at a pistol range, and MAYBE 30 minutes, MAX, if we are talking about the bolt action and not the Saiga, at a rifle range. If that legislation passed here, it would take me at least 4-5 months just to purchase enough ammo to do a normal bi-weekly Sunday for me.. And that's just for one firearm! Maybe two if you only for for 2 hours or so.. I guess they want us all to go hunt and protect our homes without actually practicing. Yup, now it all makes sense, the world will be a much safer place when gun owners and hunters use their firearms in public hunting areas/ranges etc. with no practice.

Jiffydarren 04-28-2009 02:19 AM


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