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bobinyelm 09-12-2006 11:26 PM

Rear bumper/Class III Hitch
I cannot find a Class III 2" receiver hitch that doesn't compromise exit angle (since they hang low), so am thinking of fabricating a bumper made from rectangular steel tubing 2"X4" or 3"X4" (if available) 58" long that will bolt to the rear frame crossmember (as well as to the frame top and bottom on each side via tabs).

I would weld in a short 2" receiver end at the middle, strengthened by a triangular 1/4" thick gusset at the top catching the tubing and the receiver tube.

That should give me an exceptionally strong hitch at a 19.5" height above ground (with standard suspension and 235/75-15 tires) that won't scrape on off-road dips.

Anyone build one like that and have experience w/ it? I need it to be safe with a 3500pound/350pound tongue weight load (I know the SWB Wrangler is only rated to 2000lb).

Can anyone verify that the SWB and Unlimited have the same rear crossmember profile (so the bumper would fit either w/o modification)?


Jerry Bransford 09-13-2006 07:55 PM

Try Olympic's Super Duty Rock bumper which has its 2" receiver hitch integrated into it instead of being welded underneath. It's not rated to 3500 lbs. but I've been using mine to tow since around 1998 and a few times, I've used it to move a 4,000 lb. boat around a piece of property without problem. You can kinda see a poor picture of it on the home page of my webpage, link below. :)

Odhinn 09-14-2006 05:24 AM

I run a Warn Rock crawler, same essential setup as the olympic. It is pretty stout in fact off the top of my head the bumper is 3/16" thick steel. Ive never had a problem pulling anything with it. dulled a cobalt drill bit installing the wireing harness.

WranglerHawg 09-14-2006 07:31 AM

A friend of mine and I built a bumper similar to what you are talking about. Made it out of 2"x6" steel, and it looks great. We welded a 2" reciever right in the center, and even cut holes in the bumper to mount reverse lights. If you are interested in what it looks like, PM me, or maybe Blu can post another pic of it on here, he did a while back, i would do it, but i dont know how to.

WranglerHawg 09-14-2006 07:43 AM

Check out that thread, on page 3, at the bottom, there is a pic of the bumper my buddy and I built, maybe thats what you are looking to do?

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